Every Body is an Archive, 2019. Text and video: Liz Orton; Sound: Lori E Allen

Image: Liz Orton

Every Body is an Archive, 2019.
Liz Orton and Lori E Allen. 
Video and Spoken word: Liz Orton; Sound: Lori E Allen.
10-minute film exploring the body as a computational space subject to machine vision. The narrative weaves between a personal account of looking for Orton's mum in her medical images and a broader commentary on artificial intelligence and the algorithmic body.
Funded by the Wellcome Trust.
From a Whisper to a Roar, 2020
An oral history project conducted by Opening Doors London and sponsored by the Heritage Fund. The project traces 50 years from 1969 to the present day of lived experiences of lesbian, bisexaul and trans women.
A  three-part podcast forms part of the project.
Interviewer: Evelyn Pittman
Producer: Lori E Allen
Artwork: Lesley Greening Lassoff, Clare Somerville-Perkins
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