Hg (Mercury)
Rachel Pimm and Lori E Allen. 2019.
Video, live performance and sound, c.25 minutes
Where S is a vitriolic eruption of life-giving activity and energy, Hg is a mirror, a gag reflex and regurgitation, an amalgamation, a material whose surface sheen itself cannot be seen. Instead it shows us another version of the world around us. Hg reverses the properties and sounds of S, desaturating it into a fluid conductive mirrored transmission. Where S is highly active, Hg is highly re-active, literally rewinding the magic of its sister work to look at the origins of materiality from another direction.
Above Text: Rachel Pimm

Hg (Mercury)
6' excerpt from London Science Gallery performance. August 2019
S and Hg. Rachel Pimm and Lori E Allen. 2019.Beyond Transparency. Loughborough University, UK