i stand on the cable, track A2 from 'A Hopeless Place' TEARS|OV, video made for Boiler Room 4:3

Suffering, Clearly, TEARS|OV, live at Touch Presents, Iklectik, London 2020

S (Sulfur) by Lori E Allen and Rachel Pimm, 2019,commisssioned by London Science Gallery

Hg (Mercury), by Rachel Pimm and Lori E Allen, 2019, commisioned by London Science Gallery

selection of vaious audio works

Pluto’s return is considered astrologically to portend upheaval, transformation and death or rebirth. 
It takes 248 years for Pluto to travel the full sphere of the zodiac, and as such, a return to the precise position of a person’s birth cannot be experienced in an individual’s single living incarnation as it would for quicker moving planets. For man-made systems: Institutions, nations, belief systems, cultural structures and mores, however, Pluto’s Return can usher in drastic change. 2020 marks the return of Pluto for the birth of the United States of America in 1776
'A Hopeless Place' by TEARS|OV, 2019  LP on Wormhole

All tracks written and composed by Lori E Allen and Deborah Wale. Cello parts composed by Katie Spafford. Lori E Allen: vocals, samples, sequenced percussion, piano, synth, noise and arrangements. Deborah Wale: vocals, percussion, tube, synth, noise, scratching and spoken word. Katie Spafford: cello. Recorded and mixed by Andre T., April 2019. Mastered and cut by Jason Goz at Transition Mastering Studios, London, May 2019.

Artwork: Deborah Wale. Photography: Wolfgang Tillmans. Art direction and design: Don Wyrm. Executive producer for this album was the ineffable Restless Worm.

Collaboration with Rachel Pimm, commisioned by Whitechapel Gallery 2020
Collaboration with Rachel Pimm, commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery 2015, based on Pimm's research into the roles of soil strata and landfill in the composition of the earth’s surface and the instability that results from the aggregation of organic and man-made materials and our coexistence with naturally occurring architectures

Plates, soundtrack for Rachel Pimm installation at Whitechapel Gallery, 2020

Stereo mix for headphone listening from a 4 channel ambient sound installation. The sound is accompanied by a series of 9 photographs of surfaces of the earth found in the Afar triangle triple rift junction, the location of the hydoponic, ambient and contact field recordings. The sound and images form part of the exhibition Plates, Whitechapel Gallery, in 2020 alongside a painted wall text, further photography and archive materials and a built environment modelled on basalt columns

collaboration with Liz Orton, commissioned by the Wellcome Trust 2019

Every Body is an Archive. 2019. 
Liz Orton and Lori E Allen. 
Video and Text: Liz Orton; Sound: Lori E Allen.
10" film exploring the body as a computational space subject to machine vision, excerpt